Blog #4: wHat iS rEaLitY


I think debates are a really good way to get people to think about both sides of the argument and it is especially useful in Philosophy. However, it can be difficult to argue a side that you personally don’t believe in. I resonated more with Heraclitus’s argument, but I was assigned to Parmedidis, who believed that reality is a unified unchanging entity, challenging me to think more critically.

The opposing side argued that the universe is always expanding and that therefore it is always changing. However, I realized that I partially do agree with Parmedidis. Expansion is not change, expansion of the universe is a natural process, a natural cycle that we JUST PERCEIVE or EXPERIENCE as change. This so called expansion or growth is always going to happen and that fact/ reality is unchanging.

Only our perception changes

Reality is not perception 

Blog #3: Two blind mice: Dumb and Dumber


Olivia, my partner, is one of my best friends so I wasn’t nervous about having her lead me through the walk. However, I was anxious to lead her since I didn’t want to run her into anything. Olivia ended up being blindfolded first. I felt really bad for her and all the other blindfolded people when we were instructed to call their names and have them come towards us. They all looked so confused and helpless.

When I was blindfolded I was pretty confident about where I was since I knew we were starting near the playground. I was doing pretty well going through the playground until I tried to go up the slide sitting down thinking I was at the top of it. It was a good laugh though. It was pretty peaceful to have the blindfold on any turn over my responsibilities to Olivia. I kinda just felt like I was sleepwalking. However, I knew that even though I thought I knew where I was, that there was the chance that I could be wrong (inductive reasoning) which was kind of frightening.

At the end of the walk Olivia was directing me towards the ponds off of Custis. I knew where I was headed but it was still really challenging to walk over the rocks leading up to the water. I almost fell into the water after misplacing my foot at one point but Olivia caught me.

Overall, I thought the blindfolded walk was a nice experience. I realized how much sound and memory play a role in my perception of things. I’m glad Olivia didn’t push me into the water or anything. In fact, I’m gonna be bold and say I trust her more after this walk.

Blog #2: Spider-Man

“Man is an animal suspended in webs of significance he himself has spun”


This quotation means that we are all dependent/held up by the things that we value and the decisions that we have made that have led us to those values. We decide what is important to us and live our lives accordingly. We get caught up/fixated on certain things that others may deem irrelevant but to us, they are significant. 

-What is one of your webs of significance?

-How do you spin webs of significance?

One of my webs of significance is my close friend group. I depend on my friends for a lot of things whether that’s a good laugh, cry, or just a ride home from school. However, to most other people, they’re acquaintances or even strangers. However, since I have decided to spend my time getting to know them and have realized how much I enjoy having them around, they are now significant to me. One can spin a web of significance by finding a topic or an interest and honing in on it. Once this new interest or passion becomes the center of attention, then new interests and things will branch off of it, creating a web of significance. 

Blog #1: Suck it up buttercup

Holland Forsythe


“To live is to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in the suffering.” – F. Nietzsche 

As one goes about their life they are bound to experience things that cause problems or discomfort. Inherently, this means that to live is to suffer. Everyone will come into contact with issues that cause them suffering or pain whether that’s losing a loved one or simply skinning their knee. However, everyone gets to decide how they respond to all this stimuli to at least some degree. Surviving is finding the positive aspects in any given situation and learning to grow from them. Learning to appreciate every moment, even the seemingly bad ones is to truly “survive”.