Blog #38: Free Time is a Scam

The four cardinal value virtues are: Justice, Wisdom, Courage, and Self-Discipline (page 130 +) The three parts of the tripartite soul are: Appetite, Spirit, and Reason (page (139+) The tripartite soul and the cardinal values are related because according to Socrates, society will only flourish and possess the characteristics of justice, wisdom, courage, and self-discipline […]

Blog #35: Justice, but not the clothing store for tweens.

For a really long time, Justice triggered sparkly thoughts of the children’s clothing store I went to in elementary school. Below is a photo: Now that I’m older and don’t shop in the children’s section, justice doesn’t mean neon crop tops and jeggings. Doing the right or just thing isn’t always easy; it takes research, […]

Blog #34: Republic and First Philosophy Paper Notes

Part one: –political philosophy -metaphysics and epistemology -ultimately on the concept of virtue and morality -Socrates never actually wrote anything down, the Republic is PLATO’s account  -Plato was a student of Socrates -The agora (the marketplace) people who wanted to listen to Socrates would go there for free and listen to his philosophy -If you […]

Caballers: Endgame

A documentary on consciousness made by “The Caballers”!AqQiT1LgARmtwQ7SKQHvHOKbWeHJ?e=8xt2oe Math: Fallon, Francis. “Integrated Information Theory of Consciousness.” Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, St. John’s University, Somers, James. “The Man Who Would Teach Machines to Think.” The Atlantic, Atlantic Media Company, 24 Aug. 2015, Biology: Allen, Colin, and Michael Trestman. “Animal Consciousness.” Stanford Encyclopedia of […]