Blog #59: Not your average Grey’s Anatomy episode

–Read pages 205-212 in Wolff Blog 59–Pick three things from the Ethical Dimensions of Medicine section of chapter 5 and apply them to the covid-19 situation.  The reading talks about how people in poverty often place themselves in danger in order to save their families. The rich are privileged and able to care of themselves just […]

Blog #51: Day 2 in Quarantine and I’m already sick of it (no pun intended)

Blog 51: Write a reflective blog about where you are in your life at the moment, concerns and anxieties over covid-19, your future, the future of the world, etc. All the big stuff. I hate being home because of the Coronavirus. I’m constantly stressed that I’m going to fall behind in the mess of online […]

Blog #50: Deciding who lives or dies in Italy

Blog 50: Read the following article and identify where you could apply Kantian, Utilitarian, and Virtue ethics to what is happening in Italy. Kantian: If doctors in Italy were to follow Kantian Ethics, they wouldn’t be able to choose who gets a ventilator and who does not based on age and health. Not giving […]