Film Analysis For Techne Showcase: The Final Scene in “Ex-Machina” *big spoilers*

Ex Machina was released in 2015 and was directed by Alex Garland. The philosophical film explores the potential implications of fully conscious artificial intelligence. The movie follows a week in the life of AI fanatic and computer scientist Caleb Smith (played by Domhnall Gleeson) and his short-term intern Nathan Bateman (played by Oscar Isaac). Nathan […]

Blog #65: #SYJGMIAFBY (Sometimes you just gotta meditate in a field by yourself)

Blog 65: Where am I at right now part III. How are you coping with the world around you? What do you reach for to help you through? Post something funny or heartwarming you have found that helps you manage your day-to-day in this new so-very-not-normal.  I’m doing a lot better. I took the week off […]

Blog #64: A debate between two stubborn philosophical legends

Blog 64: Write a dialogue between Plato and Aristotle over a piece of art (it can be a painting, photograph, scene from a play, a film, or a piece of music). Present it as a Socratic style dialectic dialogue. Demonstrate your grasp of Plato’s and Aristotle’s differing views of the value of art in your dialogue. […]

Blog #61: Oh… so this is ACTUALLY prison :)

Blog 61: Read the rest of Foucault’s Panopticism pdf from page 6…”Bentham’s┬áPanopticism,”┬áto page 13 (the end). Answer the following: What does this reading remind you of in your daily lives? In what ways are you under constant surveillance? List as many as you can think of. This reminds me of how everyone is kind of […]

Blog #60: Attention span…”oh look a dog”… is improving

Blog 60–Techne Check–How are you doing? What are challenges? What has helped you work towards developing your techne? My techne: watching more movies and improving my understanding of them. I also want to work on improving my attention span and appreciation for film in general. I’m doing a lot better with my techne since I […]