Virtual Graduation

Virtual graduation is kind of lame if I’m being honest. Of course, I understand that the school is doing everything they can to give us graduation and they are obviously trying to find ways to celebrate the senior class, but this is all a very underwhelming. Taking photos in my backyard by myself with an empty diploma folder felt ingenuine and unsatisfying. I was really looking forward to graduating with all my friends and having an actual ceremony. I don’t think I even want to attend virtual graduation. Watching a slideshow in my bedroom for “graduation” seems kind of pointless. Also, I have no idea what virtual graduation even entails as the administration hasn’t told the seniors anything about it. Maybe they just haven’t figured it out yet. The school year for seniors ends on June 5th, but it truly ended the day we left school in March. As I’m sure many seniors can agree, this time is frustrating and kind of sad. We should be enjoying time with our friends right now, going on senior experience, finding prom dresses, and slacking off in class. It’s the senior rite of passage. We really just got the short end of the stick, but what can you do? There’s a global pandemic happening.

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