Blog #65: #SYJGMIAFBY (Sometimes you just gotta meditate in a field by yourself)

Blog 65: Where am I at right now part III. How are you coping with the world around you? What do you reach for to help you through? Post something funny or heartwarming you have found that helps you manage your day-to-day in this new so-very-not-normal. 

I’m doing a lot better. I took the week off for “spring break” and didn’t do any homework and instead dedicated my time to things I needed to get done for college (finding a roommate, signing contracts, writing essays for housing applications, etc.) I’ve also started doing yoga and meditating which has been helpful. When I’m bored or lonely I try to find a project to start, whether that’s cleaning out a junk drawer or having a group facetime call with friends. I even wrote a poem about scrambled eggs the other day. I’ve also taken up vegan baking. In all honesty, the brownies I made the other day were an atrocity, but I’m getting there.

Something funny I saw the other day was some guy sitting outside on this structure behind my house. Meditating (I think?). He was just sitting there smoking a cigarette staring at the trees for like an hour or so. He was so noticeable too because he was on this giant block in the middle of an open field. All these people kept going by and pointing at him but he just sat there and blocked everything out. I thought it was pretty badass that he didn’t care what anyone thought. It was so representative of social distancing too. He was just on his own, on this little island. Just doing his thing.

Here’s a picture I took when I was on my way home from my run and saw him.

Here’s my poem about scrambled eggs. (I used to make them every weekend when I was little)

My tiny feet pattered down the carpeted stairs

A noise just loud enough to wake up Mom before the sun came up

I couldn’t wait

Scrambled eggs

With salt and pepper and sometimes garlic powder

I don’t remember now 

If it was Mom or Dad who taught me


I was always stuck picking eggshells out of egg yolks

I always preferred to use a whisk

Mom and Dad though,

They could beat the eggs with a three-pronged fork

And fast too

The whisk made me feel special though

Like my overcooked, slightly-browned scrambled eggs were something worth waiting for

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  1. Hello Holland,
    I hope you have shared that poem with your mom and dad. I particularly enjoyed how you captured the feeling of specialness we feel learning how to do everyday things. We tend to lose this sense of specialness as we age and get used to performing daily tasks. The whisk made you feel special! The line about mom and dad whisking with a fork “And fast too.” Small things, are in a way, big. This is so relevant to the lives we are leading right now.
    The guy meditating is an inspiration. It’s amazing what patience, calm and discipline can produce. Thanks for the picture…it helps make the story more accessible. I hope you are continuing with your meditation and yoga. I am happy to hear you feel as though you are doing better. It’s good to take time away from virtual school and to try to make brownies, look forward to your next adventure in college and make the most of your time in this unique situation. All the best.

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