Blog #63: A Elmer’s Glue Bottle

Blog #63: Make a frame out of four pieces of similar material (e.g. four rulers, four sticks, four broom handles, four pencils).  Pick something around the house, or around the yard and “frame” it with your four similar materials. Take a picture of it and put it on your blog. Explain why this is art.  (Yes, we are moving into Aesthetics and Axiology).

“A Bottle of Glue”

This seemingly ordinary bottle of multi-purpose Elmer’s glue may not seem like much at first glance, but in reality, it is art. The orange and blue juxtapose one another as they are opposites on the color wheel. Because of these complementary hues, the bottle is very pleasing to look at. In addition, the clear bottle allows one to see the glue inside the plastic vessel, an excellent marketing tactic. The white goo acts as a sort of canvas for the colorful label. In addition, the font isn’t overwhelming and is easy to read. The orange cap atop the bottle ties in the orange on the label creating a cohesive piece. Even better, this work of art is three-dimensional allowing a spectator to not only see the art but feel the art. Furthermore, the bottle is practical. The glue inside can be excreted and viewed more closely than it can be when it’s within the barriers of its container. In addition, the glue can be used for crafts, thus creating a chain of art and endless possibilities.

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  1. You got this assignment from the beginning. I usually have to ask people to title the piece and give it the gallery/museum blurb, but you figured it out! The thing about that bottle of glue, for me, is the little pig. As a kid I thought he was Elmer and he made the glue. Then someone had to go and tell me about horses and how they get made into glue, then in high school when I read Animal Farm…. and…well, you know how that ends

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