Blog #62: A Virtual Q&A with Olivia

Olivia’s techne was tailoring and upcycling clothing. Overall, she’s made great progress and is improving every day. It’s so exciting to see her ideas coming to life and seeing the things that she creates and alters. She’s always had a great sense of style and I love how she’s able to combine her creativity with her love of fashion using her techne.

What is going well?

So I was able to take in a pair of shorts that I had bought from goodwill a while ago, I always planned to take them in so they fit but I finally did and they actually came out really well, I was worried the stitches and hemline would look really messy but I surprised myself with how clean the lines were. The shorts now fit perfectly so that was really exciting.

What is difficult?

Sewing is definitely hard, I have been watching youtube tutorials and looking up stitching methods and learning how they are used. It’s definitely gonna take some time to get comfortable but I’ve made a lot of progress, I have yet to find a sewing machine but that’s fine.

What are you working on this week?

This week I wanna take in more shorts and skirts maybe, those are much easier than pants to work with so I think it’s good to have some practice with that before I move onto more difficult projects. I also wanna practice my stitching, when I was younger I used to do a lot of embroidery with cross stitching so I might pick up on doing that again as a way to practice precision.

How much progress are you making?

I’d say I’m making a fair amount of progress, I’m really proud of what I’ve been able to achieve so far and I’m excited to come up with more creative ideas like the sweatshirt I made rather than just tailoring clothes. It’s a really good skill to have but I also wanna use it as an outlet for creativity.

Below I have attached images of the shorts that she took in. They look awesome.

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  1. What a fun techne. The transformation of those shorts is so cool. Way to go Olivia!

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