Blog #56: It’s not the same :/

Blog 56–How was the Google Meet chat as an education experience? What did you think of the format? What did you think of the discussion? Did it feel like school? General impressions. 

Discussion #1: The Google Meet chat was a nice way to reconnect but I didn’t feel like I learned anything. The lack of intellectual conversation was partly due to the technical difficulties of having 25 students on a video chat, but we all clearly just wanted to catch up with each other. Plus it felt good to talk to people I hadn’t in a while (and we got to wear pajamas). The format was okay, but would definitely be better in a smaller group. Our discussion was nice because we got to hear how everyone was feeling about school being over (and no more senior year *merp*). I really miss my classmates so that was a nice goodbye. It didn’t really feel like school though. I miss being in a classroom and being able to talk to people in person. Online discussions feel kind of ingenuine and it’s hard to hear people. I’m trying to make the best of this though, this whole online learning thing. I actually don’t know how online school students do this everyday, it’s kind of depressing, this lack of real human contact.

Discussion #2: That discussion sure went better than yesterday’s (lol). At the start of the call, we discussed how Kant’s traditional ideas juxtapose Jaggars radical which was very interesting. It became clear that Kant had a more man driven agenda whereas Jaggar based her philosophy on the struggles that women face and how it makes it more difficult for women to articulate their ideas. Everyone made great points about how a limited vocabulary and radical ideas can be shocking to the philosophical world. We talked about how the basis of philosophy is very uniform and was often driven by the white upperclass men, making it harder for women’s ideas to permeate. My favorite part of the discussion was the respectful disagreement that allowed us to push each other and further develop our arguments.

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