Blog #55: Olivia made a sweatshirt!

She recently finished designing a “Loded Diper” sweatshirt from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. To make it, she painted the logo on the back by combining fabric medium and paint. She then iron pressed it to make sure it stayed when she washed it. It came out really great. I was very impressed. I pasted in a picture below.

She also went through old shirts that she wasn’t wearing regularly and reinvented them by stitching them or cutting them. She is currently tailoring a pair of pants right now so that they fit better.

Although she’s making good progress with her tailoring and upcycling, she is experiencing a few minor difficulties. Since she doesn’t have her own sewing machine she has to do all the stitching by hand which is probably very tedious and hard to do. However, being able to hand-sew is a very handy skill (no pun intended) and it’ll help her in the long run.

It’s been super cool to see how her creativity is driving her techne and I’m excited to see her future creations!

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