Blog #52: Techne Update (number two)

  • Blog 52: Techne Check in number 2–where are you with your personal techne development?

Where I’m at: One would think that I’d spend my time watching movies over this Covid-19 break to catch up on my Techne stuff, but in all honesty, I’ve really been slacking. I don’t want to be in my room doing nothing and I’ve been in denial about this whole social distancing thing (don’t worry though I’ve been staying home as much as possible). Plus, I’ve had a lot of online assignments to do. I haven’t watched any movies since last week when I watched the Pianist, and I’m a bit disappointed in myself. I also felt kind of self-conscious after hearing the other things people were doing for their technes like gardening or pottery, but I’ve always wanted to watch more movies and I need to learn to focus on myself. Now is my chance to achieve my personal goals.

Where I’m going: I do plan to watch a movie after I finish this blog post. I think I’m going to watch Black Swan (Olivia’s recommendation). Maybe watching movies will help me to keep my mind off of stressful things and enjoy myself a bit more. I still feel a lot of anxiety before starting a movie because of the time commitment, but that is something I am going to work on. I will continue to challenge myself.

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  1. Watching Movies for a Techne is inspired! It might just be the right amount of escapism, so long as you don’t watch 32 in a row.

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