Blog #49: First Techne Check-In W/ Olivia :P

Olivia’s techne: tailoring and upcycling clothing

Olivia has been researching and watching tutorials on how to take in clothes and alter them. She has also been researching places to get renewably sourced clothing, which I think is very admirable. She has been purchasing clothing from sites from Depop, Poshmark, ect. (second-hand stores). She even got her prom dress on Depop! She began designing and creating a sweatshirt this week which I look forward to seeing. The materials she needed for the sweatshirt came in the mail today (Thursday) so she plans to put everything together this weekend. Next week she plans to successfully take in a pair of pants or a skirt that she already owns and continue working on her sweatshirt design. Overall, she’s doing a great job with her techne and is making good progress. 🙂

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