Blog #61: Oh… so this is ACTUALLY prison :)

Blog 61: Read the rest of Foucault’s Panopticism pdf from page 6…”Bentham’s Panopticism,” to page 13 (the end). Answer the following: What does this reading remind you of in your daily lives? In what ways are you under constant surveillance? List as many as you can think of. This reminds me of how everyone is kind of […]

Blog #60: Attention span…”oh look a dog”… is improving

Blog 60–Techne Check–How are you doing? What are challenges? What has helped you work towards developing your techne? My techne: watching more movies and improving my understanding of them. I also want to work on improving my attention span and appreciation for film in general. I’m doing a lot better with my techne since I […]

Blog #59: Not your average Grey’s Anatomy episode

–Read pages 205-212 in Wolff Blog 59–Pick three things from the Ethical Dimensions of Medicine section of chapter 5 and apply them to the covid-19 situation.  The reading talks about how people in poverty often place themselves in danger in order to save their families. The rich are privileged and able to care of themselves just […]