#47 First Techne Update

My techne: watch more classic films, highly rated and respected films, watch more coming-of-age films (so more films in general)

Today I started watching the 2017 film Moonlight. It was directed by Barry Jenkins and won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2017. It follows the story of a young boy Chiron living in Miami and his journey to finding himself and his place in the world.

Image result for moonlight movie plot

I only watched about half of the two-hour movie before falling asleep but it wasn’t because I didn’t like the movie, but because I was exhausted. Some aspects of watching a little bit at a time work to my advantage because it doesn’t feel as daunting or overwhelming, but sometimes I forget what’s going on when I take an extended break.

So far, I really like the movie. The cinematography is very well done. There are a variety of shots and perspectives shown which keep there from being long-stagnant points in the film which I’m not a fan of as I get easily bored. I also really enjoy the plot so far. I like movies where there’s a lot of character development and it seems as though Chiron is already blossoming into a new boy/man with help from his mentor.

I’m excited to keep watching the movie, however, I do feel anxious that the movie is two hours. Hopefully breaking it up a little bit helps though.

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