Blog #44: How the Debates are going so far

I think the debates are actually going really well. I’ve had a lot of fun dressing up for all of the days. Being in character really helps me get in the mood to defend the oligarchy! I also love debating so the dialectic rounds have been especially enjoyable for me.

The most challenging thing for me has been the preparation. Yes, it’s difficult to think of things to say on the spot, but there’s a lot more pressure when we’re given time to prepare a statement the night before. Everything needs to be perfect and we have to anticipate people’s counterarguments. It’s also hard to coordinate everything because my groupmates and I have different schedules so sometimes it just ends up being one or two people preparing and the other people don’t contribute as much.

I’ve been working on figuring out how to channel everyone’s strengths into the debate. For example, I’m better at debating on the spot and Ava is really great at preparing things to say ahead of time. Those are just two examples though, everyone is really great at something, it’s just a matter of figuring out what that is for each person and applying it strategically. When we all work together though and play into our interests and strengths, things go a lot better. I’ve also been working on not letting it get to me when a teammate’s turn doesn’t go as planned or when I have to do extra work because not everyone can work on the document because they’re busy. It can be frustrating to feel like I’m doing more work than other people, but in reality, we all just have our different approaches and work ethics and I can’t control everyone.

I’m really excited to keep debating and working on this project. Even though it’s really challenging I’ve really been enjoying myself. I think if my group continues to work hard, we can win the whole thing.

Rich Uncle Pennybags costume (Monopoly Man)

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