Blog #29: CHALMERS

Notes and questions about Chalmers Stream of consciousness constant narrative  “At the heart of this movie is you” “this movie is your stream of consciousness” Consciousness is part of all humans Consciousness is what makes life worth living (brain dead people) Most mysterious phenomena in the universe, why are we consciousness in the first place. […]

Blog #28: SEARLEoin. What’s at steak for consciousness.

If a computer follows instructions, it’s not really thinking according to John Searle because it’s not conscious. However, Searle’s Chinese Room experiment raises the question about at what point you can say that a computer is thinking or not thinking. And can computers ever be conscious? A couple of years ago at camp, I took […]

Blog #26: Identifying Philosophers/Philosophical Schools of thought I Will Use for Argument/Counter/Counter-Counter

ARGUMENTS: Argument #1: It’s impossible to prove that people are in love based on the chemicals in their brain.   Philosopher: Hume (constant conjunction/association) Argument #2: It’s impossible to know if people, especially other people are being truly sincere when they say or think they’re in love.  Philosophers: Frankfurt, Descartes (bullshit, sincerity, doubt, cogito) Argument #3: […]

Blog #25.5 (Correction to My Instantiations)

I thought of a stronger third instantiation. I think my previous one was too similar to my first about Hume and the chemical reactions not meaning somebody is in love. Here is my new one about Wittegenstein as discussed in Frankfurt’s essay on B.S. Argument: figurative language makes things more vague and doesn’t regard the […]