Blog#22: Sincerity might just be a whole bunch of B.S.

When we tell others how we feel how can they know that we are being sincere? How can they trust that we are telling the truth? More importantly, how can we ourselves know that we are being sincere? If we’re describing how we feel without really regarding if it’s actually truthful or not, it essentially […]

Make-up blog #21.5: Now Let’s Put it in an Actual Paper

Today the class went over the instructions on how to write our first philosophy paper, building off of what we talked about on Friday. Essentially we are taking the tools we have learned throughout the year, especially the stuff about logic, to construct a well written paper that properly evaluates our stimulus. Potential tools: The […]

Blog #20: Sifting through the BS: Frankfurt’s ideology.

Harry Frankfurt argues that there is a concrete and true reality of certainty and objectivity. He believes that truth is how we navigate through the world and that even lying is better than bullshitting because there is at least some degree of truth. According to Frankfurt: Bullshit is vague, talking, slows progress, not based on […]

Blog #19: Baruch Atah… Spinoza?

Baruch Spinoza was a Dutch philosopher who was raised Jewish, but then later veered away from traditional Judaism to form his own independent (but still not atheist) theories. Spinoza believed in Monism. His specific perspective entailed that God still exists as Judaism asserts, but that God isn’t some higher being who bends the rules of […]