Blog #17 Kellam Pulled Through

Valid Argument: Major premise: All desserts are sweet. Minor Premise: All chocolate cakes are desserts Conclusion: Therefore all chocolate cakes are sweet. Invalid argument: Minor premise: Small children are cute Major Premise: Small dogs are cute Conclusion: Therefore all small children are small dogs. About the outdoor meditative experience: The meditation was actually very relaxing. […]

Blog #16: Which Came First? Descartes or the Horse?

Descartes had four rules: #1 Accept nothing as true, #2 Divide and reorder to resolve, #3 Deal with problems bit by bit tackling them one by one form least complex to most complex, and #4 be certain to omit nothing and review over and over. I tried to follow these four rules when analyzing Descartes […]

Blog #14: Getting Up At the Butt Crack of Dawn to Watch the Sunrise.

When my alarm went off at 5:30am, not even the birds were awake. It was pitch black outside. After laying in my bed for a solid five minutes questioning my entire existence, I groggily forced myself to get up. Olivia picked me up around 5:50am and then we proceeded to get Jasper and Anthony, both […]

Blog #12: A Bunch of Seventeen-Year-Olds Return to the Womb

The students begun the womb simulation/meditation by having one partner hold the other. The partner being held laid flat on their back so that part of their stomach and their faces were out of the water. They laid completely still and remained silent. The partner who was being held kept their hands limp, letting them […]

Blog #9: For the ViSuAL LeArnErs out there

This photo helped me better understand “deduction”. At first glance this painting doesn’t seem like it would be very helpful in proving the school’s existence. However, this painting makes for an excellent deductive argument. “This is a painting. Paintings exist on walls. The painting here exists, so therefore the wall exists. The wall is part […]